The Sacrament of Holy Communion

In the sacrament of Holy Communion, God makes use of physical elements (bread and wine) so that with prayer and faith they become a means of experiencing God’s grace in a special way. Along with the sacrament of baptism, Holy Communion is a gift of God made effectual by the preaching of the Word and the response of faith.

As we celebrate the Holy Communion, we are doing several things at once. In the first place, we are obeying Christ’s command, given at the last Supper, to “do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24-25). This is a special sort of remembering, however; for, as we share in the sacrament, it becomes for us the living sign of Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross, made for us once and for all time.

In Holy Communion, we also give thanks to God for all that God has done in creating and sustaining us, and, most of all, for redeeming us in Jesus Christ. We pray for the Holy Spirit to make this sacrament of our crucified and risen Savior effective and real for us so that we may receive renewed assurance of the forgiveness of our sin and be strengthened to live new lives in Christ for witness and service in the world.

In receiving the elements of Holy Communion with faith and prayer we are truly joined to God in Christ and the Spirit. As we unite with our fellow members in the church in this act of worship, we also join with believers of all times and places who have celebrated this sacrament in the past. Moreover, as we share in this sacramental meal in the present, we anticipate the eternal banquet of God’s eternal and heavenly kingdom. In the Holy Communion, then, past, present, and future come together.

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