Have My Child Baptized

The first step for Parents who wish to have their child(ren) Baptized is to complete the Our Lady of Hope Parish Baptismal Application. The Baptismal Application is a form which provides the Parish with all the necessary information for the child’s Sacramental Record. Parents may complete this form online by following the link provided below.

If you are not a Registered parishioner of OLOH and would like to become one, please complete the Parish Registration Form prior to completing a Baptismal Application. Our online Parish Registration form can be found HERE.

Online Baptismal Application

Please note: additional information on Baptism and Sponsor requirements can be found by clicking the link below

Baptism and Sponsor Requirements

Once the Baptismal Application is received,  Parents are required to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class. This single class held once per month is approximately 1.5 hrs in duration and  requires registration through the Parish Office. Upon completion of the Baptismal Application, please contact the Parish Office to register for the Baptismal Preparation class.

After attending the Baptismal Preparation Class, Parents are asked to contact the Parish Office to schedule their child(ren)’s Baptism. Baptisms are held after the 12 Noon Mass almost every Sunday (with the exception of holidays, Holy Days and at the discretion of the Parish). Our Lady of Hope Parish will schedule no more than 5 Baptisms per week. Due to this limitation, it is recommended that you contact the Parish Office as soon as possible after attending the Baptismal Preparation Class to check availability and schedule the Baptism.

Please note: All Baptismal Documents must be complete BEFORE the Baptism can be scheduled. Baptism Sponsors (Godparents) are required to obtain a ‘Certificate of Eligibility” from their Parish. Certificates of Eligibility must be received by Our Lady of Hope parish BEFORE the Baptism can be scheduled. (See BAPTISM AND SPONSOR REQUIREMENTS link above for eligibility information).